Nature meets Culture

In Europe, which is where I live, there is hardly a place to find where the land is not shaped by humans. Maybe that is the reason why I am fascinated with the border between nature and culture. There are still a few places where these borders exist. On these pages I have documented a few. Click on a picture to enlarge it. After these images continue to Insel Hombroich or pictures of Bonsai.

Ameland On the south side of the island of Ameland, in the north of the Netherlands, a patch of meadow is situated adjacent to the Wadden estuary.

These pictures where taken in May 2000.

Also on the island of Ameland, a view from the lighthouse exposes four different types of land: dunes, housing, farmland, woods. Which of these is culture and which is nature? Ameland Ameland
France dam
In the south of France, in the lake of, there is a dam. It stands as a solid artefact surrounded by a national reserve.
Near the town of Sete, in the south of France, oyster fields are set up in grid like manner.

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